Opportunity to Become a Member of ASSIST's Industry Advisory Board



Dear NordCham Business Partners and Members,

We are delighted to present an exciting opportunity in collaboration with ASSIST (Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation), an international non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and fostering resilience against social, economic, and environmental challenges.

"I am proud to have ASSIST as an Honorary Partner of NordCham and projects like these are an opportunity for our community to show the true Nordic spirit of contributing and making a difference. I urge you to contact ASSIST as soon as possible as the slots to join the Industry Advisory Board are limited." 

Jesper Svenningsen, Executive Director of NordCham Philippines

Join the Opportunity to Become a Member of ASSIST's Industry Advisory Board

We are excited to present an opportunity for NordCham members and partners to join ASSIST's Industry Advisory Board. This board plays a pivotal role in shaping ASSIST's initiatives, providing valuable insights, expertise, and guidance. For the Industry Advisory Board, companies are expected to nominate a high-level representative or in-house expert in their respective field to represent the company and eventually become a member. As such, here are some expectations for the members of the IAB:

  • Members shall give insights on the topics that must be addressed in the curriculum
  • Members shall review the learning modules developed that are aligned to their nature (e.g., a company that provide solar installation services could review learning modules for solar panel installer)
  • Members shall discuss the job placement of training graduates 
  • Members shall establish their company's commitment to the job placement of training graduates

For more information, you can review the project deck here: Project Deck sustainABILITY and emPOWER.pdf

Contact Details:

If you're interested in knowing more about this opportunity with ASSIST, please don't hesitate to contact their team via email. You can reach Hana Superal at hana.superal@assistasia.org or Jagannath Ramanathan at jagan@assistasia.org


ASSIST boasts a remarkable track record in capacity-building and sustainable development across Asia. With a focus on partnering with development organizations, ASSIST empowers them to effectively deliver their advocacies while fostering resilience in the face of various challenges.

Based in Makati City, Philippines, ASSIST operates regionally with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Chennai, India; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their extensive presence allows them to enact meaningful change on a wide scale, impacting communities across borders.