Meet the New Board of Directors for 2024 of NordCham Philippines

Annual General Meeting


On 30 January 2024, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines held its Annual General Meeting followed by an Outlook 2024 event at Makati Diamond Residences which was attended by over 60 esteemed business members, partners, ambassadors and representatives from the Embassy of Sweden in Manila, Royal Danish Embassy Manila, Embassy of Finland Manila and other stakeholders who gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the chamber in the past year and to discuss crucial organizational matters with its members. 

Bo Lundqvist, President & CEO of Retail Associates and the President of NordCham Philippines, set the tone with a warm welcome address, providing a comprehensive overview of the chamber's accomplishments in the past year. Key highlights of the event included the addition of 23 new Business Partners for 2023 across Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Individual membership categories, signaling a growing interest and support from the business community.

In his report, he also pointed out how NordCham Philippines actively spearheaded and participated in over 60 events, seamlessly blending online and hybrid formats. These events attracted a diverse audience, comprising more than 2900 participants, including members, business partners, ambassadors, academic and research institutions, government and policy makers, as well as industry experts. Bo also emphasized the chamber's diverse partnerships, including members from Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) and a significant presence from the Philippines and other global regions. 

He briefly outlined NordCham Philippines' industry composition, showcasing its strong presence in key industry sectors such as technology and services, with a focus on Computer Software, IT, and Telecommunications, along with strong representation in Management Consulting, Logistics & Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Energy sectors. This underscores the chamber's influential role in fostering partnerships between Nordic and Philippine businesses.

The highlight of the AGM was the presentation of nominees and the election of the new set of Board of Directors for 2024. We, at NordCham Philippines, are excited to welcome the following accomplished individuals to lead our organization (photo from left to right):

  • Erik Nielsen: President of Global Process Managers, Inc.
  • Bo Lundqvist: President & CEO of Retail Associates
  • Marie Mariano: First Vice President and Desk Head of BDO Unibank, Inc.
  • Antti Inkinen: Managing Director, NIRAS Asia Manila, Inc.
  • Tore Henriksen: President and Managing Director of Döhle Shipmanagement Phils. Corp. (DSPC)

The newly appointed Board of Directors brings a wealth of experience and expertise, poised to guide NordCham Philippines through another year of growth and success. As the chamber looks forward to 2024, this new set of Board of Directors is set to play a crucial role in advancing the interests of the Nordic business community in the Philippines. 

The Annual General Meeting concluded with Jesper Svenningsen, Executive Director of NordCham Philippines, delivering a presentation on the chamber's plans, goals, and forthcoming programs and events for 2024.

OUTLOOK 2024: Exploring the Philippine Economy and Latest Updates

Following the Annual General Meeting (AGM), NordCham Philippines hosted Outlook 2024, during which three invited speakers shared their insights on the latest updates regarding the economic landscape of the Philippines for 2024.

Kicking off the discourse was Dante R. Tinga, Jr., the Senior Vice President of Investor Relations & Corporate Planning at BDO Unibank, Inc. In a compelling presentation, Tinga delved into a comprehensive analysis of the prevailing market conditions, trends, opportunities, and challenges. Supported by extensive research and findings, he discussed with the audience the intricacies that shape the economic landscape and outlined strategies for navigating the evolving market dynamics.

Following Tinga, Gregg Wyatt, Director of Business Intelligence at PSA Philippine Strategic Associates, explored the implications of economic risks, including terrorism, geopolitical tensions, foreign conflicts, and environmental risks. Wyatt’s presentation emphasized potential opportunities for economic growth in 2024, such as the increasing trend in renewable energy investments, along with the role of the Philippine government in strengthening the business market.

As the final speaker, Pavid Ramachandran, Country Director for the Philippines at the Asian Development Bank, concluded the discussion by exploring key opportunities and focus areas for emerging trends in the Philippines' business market. His talk revolved around macroeconomic fundamentals, the country's openness to foreign investments and trade, and the crucial role of environmental actions by businesses in navigating the global competitive landscape. Ramachandran underscored the need for intensified capital and business development initiatives to reduce poverty rates and enhance economic competitiveness among investors and businesses in the country. 

Following the series of discussions, an open-floor session ensued, providing the audience with the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers. This interactive segment allowed for further engagement, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights between the speakers and the participants.

Through its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Outlook 2024, NordCham Philippines is committed to working together and supporting the growth of Nordic businesses in the Philippines by providing them with exclusive insights, organizational updates, and roadmap to handle challenges and make the most of opportunities in the changing economic landscape towards the goal to foster business success and sustainable development in the Philippine market.