Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, and Salary Benchmarking: Which one is for my organization?

Paul Joshua Alay, HR Consulting and Payroll Manager of #InCorpPhilippines and Lea Soliman-Galera, Recruitment and Executive Search Director of InCorp Talent Solutions Host: Jesper Svenningsen, Executive Director of Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines


On April 5, 2022, NordCham Philippines, in partnership with InCorp Philippines, conducted a webinar on Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, and Salary Benchmarking. During the webinar, the processes of job analysis and evaluation, as well as the process of finding the right talent for your organization were discussed.


Speakers from InCorp Philippines, Paul Joshua Alay, and Lea Galera shared their insights on how organizations should proceed with their recruitment processes while ensuring competitiveness in the industry. According to Paul Alay, HR Consulting and Payroll Manager of InCorp Philippines, knowing what to pay for in an organization entails systematic job analysis to understand whether to pay for the position, performance, or person. As such, understanding the functions and responsibilities of the organization is a critical requirement in recruiting employees as it will give the organization a better idea of which job positions fit the applicants. Both the functional and organizational structures are essential in creating a workforce environment.


Furthermore, designing a compensation program within an organization should be systematized depending on how it will benefit the company in the long run. In addition to that, job evaluation is as important as job analysis as this will help organizations determine the value of job positions. The objective of doing so is to assess the functionality of the positions and determine if it is still relative to the organization. Job pricing, or salary benchmarking, should be done according to the demands of the market. Analyzing the external market data has a huge contribution in terms of determining the right amount of compensation and other benefits for the employees.


However, internal and external assessments are not the only factors organizations need to consider when recruiting. As Lea Galera, Recruitment and Executive Search Director of InCorp Philippines, discussed, referencing or conducting a background check of candidates should be methodized. This way, organizations will have a broad perspective in finding well-deserved candidates for certain positions. Consequently, there is also a need to understand how to properly deal with candidates and explain the value of data privacy. This is extremely crucial in every organization to ensure the confidentiality of the discourse between the employers and candidates – in layman’s terms, professional ethics. 


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