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Street: 6-20-1, Le Gratteciel-1, 7F, Shinbashi
City: Tokyo
Province: Minato-ku
Brief company description (maximum of 500 characters with spaces): Windpal Services Based on experience of European partners, Windpal provides a full range of services tailor made for each stage of project development. Windpal is a Japan based company with 7 year’s experience gained in the local market. We are expanding into South Korea and Vietnam. Windpal Marine Geo-Services Windpal provide full scope geological soil investigation services including downhole CPT, Rock coring, sampling, in-situ tests. Geophysical survey, 3D & 2D UHR seismic, cable route surveys, lab tests and analysis, data interpretation, ground modelling, project certification. Met ocean data collection, EOLOS floating LIDAR buoys deployment, operations and maintenance, real time data and interpretations. Windpal Construction support In partnership with Fairwind and BMS Cranes Windpal can manage full scope of Marshalling yard, including lifting equipment, logistics support and personnel in Japan.